Basic P/N

HCS P/N System

Basic P/N Packaging Length & Color
Product Group Product Type - Fnn NN - Packaging Type Length Jacket Color
A=Armored Breakout FO cables 00=Not applicable   Number of Pairs, Ports or Units. (**) Sequential
(01 to 99)
  A=Special B=25m Default:
Gray RAL 7035
B=Baluns 01=Power & Control B=Reelex II™ C=50m
C=Cabinets & Wiring Blocks 02=Voice & DSL Grade C=Coil D=90m
D=Fiber-to-the-desk FO Cables 03=Category 3     D=N/S H=100m  
E=Armored SLT FO Cables 05=Category 5 F=Reel in box J=200m
F=Flexible Copper Cables 5E=Category 5E G=Reelex I™ L=250m
G=Armored MTD FO Cables 5F=Category 5 120 Ohm P=Plywood Drum K=305m
H=Solid Copper Cables 06=Category 6 W=Wooden Drum P=500m
J=Copper Connectors 6E=Category 6E (600 MHz)   M=1000m
K=Kits, Tools & Splitters 6A=Category 6A (500 MHz) Q=1500m
L=Simplex/Duplex FO Cables 07=Category 7 (600 MHz) R=2000m
M=Indoor/Outdoor MTD FO Cables 7A=Category 7A (1000 MHz) T=3000m
N=Indoor MTD FO Cables 7B=1200 MHz V=4000m
P=Panels 08=Category 8 (2000 MHz) N=5000m
Q= MLT FO Cables 10=DataLine 10 S=10Km
R=Breakout FO Cables 20=DataLine 20  
S=Outdoor SLT FO Cables 30=DataLine 30 In Patch Panels: XU = Number of units
T=Terminated Cords & Patch Cables (*) 52=50/125µ FO OM2      
U=Armored MLT FO Cables 54=50/125µ FO OM3
V=FO Connectors and Couplers 55=50/125µ FO OM3 Bend Insensitive
W=Outlets and Faceplates 56=50/125µ FO OM4
X=Aerial FIG-8 Armored SLT FO Cables 57=50/125µ FO OM4 Bend Insensitive
Y=Special FO Cables 61=62.5/125µ FO OM1
Z=Special Copper Cables 91=Singlemode FO OS1
  92=Singlemode FO OS2
  93=Singlemode FO ITU-T G.652.C
94=Singlemode FO ITU-T G.652.D
95=Singlemode FO ITU-T G.655
96=Singlemode FO ITU-T G.656
A1=Singlemode FO ITU-T G.657.A1
A2=Singlemode FO ITU-T G.657.A2
B2=Singlemode FO ITU-T G.657.B2
B3=Singlemode FO ITU-T G.657.B3
H3=HDMI 1.3
H4=HDMI 1.4
FO=FO product
MC=Mixed Copper components
MF=Mixed Fiber Types
U2=USB 2.0
U3=USB 3.0
Jacket Color C RAL Numbers
Gray 0 7035 or 9002
Blue 1 5015
Orange 2 2003 or 2000
Green 3 6024
Brown 4 8011
White 5 9003
Red 6 3000
Black 7 9004
Yellow 8 1021
Purple or Lilac-Blue 9 4005
Pastel-Blue B 5024
Dust-Gray D 7037
Yellow Green G 6018
Pink K 3015
Light Purple P 4001
Turquoise T 5018

* P/N System for Standard Copper Modular Cords   |   P/N System for TYPE L Copper Modular Cords    |   P/N System for Fiber-Optic cords
** Flame Test conformance

F=0: IEC 60332-1
F=B: IEC 60332-3-22
F=C: IEC 60332-3-24
F=D: IEC 60332-3-25
F=R: NEC CMR Listed Cable
F=E: EN 13501-6 - EU CPR B2ca- S1, d0, a1
F=G: EN 13501-6 - EU CPR Cca- S1, d0, a1
F=K: EN 13501-6 - EU CPR Dca- S1, d0, a1
F=L: EN 13501-6 - EU CPR Eca- S1, d0, a1