DataLight Test Methods

Optical and Geometrical Fiber Properties
Tested Property Test Method ITU-T Test Methods EIA/TIA-455 FOTP No. IEC 60793-1
Test Method
Fiber Geometry Transmitted Near Field SM: G.650 Method 2.2.1   A2
MM: G.651 Sec. 1 Method B.3 MM: 58
Spectral Attenuation Cut-Back SM: G.650 Method 2.4.1 SM: 78 C1A
MM: G.651 Sec. 2,1 Method B.2 MM: 46
Attenuation and Attenuation Uniformity at Specified wavelengths Backscattering
SM: G.650 Method 2.4.2 61 C1C
MM: G.651 Sec. 2 Method B.4 59
Numerical Aperture Far-Field Light Distribution MM: G.651 Sec. 1 Method B.4 47 C6
Cutoff Wavelength Transmitted Power SM: G.650 Method 2.3.1, 2.3.3 80, 170. C7A
Mode Field Diameter Variable Aperture SM: G.650 Method 2.1.2 167
Bandwidth Frequency Domain MM: G.651 Sec. 3 Method B.2 30 C2B
Chromatic Dispersion Phase Shift SM: G.650 Method 2.5.1 169 C5A
Mechanical and Environmental FO Cable Properties
Tested Property EIA/TIA-455 
FOTP Number
IEC 60794-1
Test Methods
Test Methods
Operating and Pulling Load 33 E1 501
Minimum Bending Radius 33 E1 501
Crush Resistance (Compression) 41 E3 504
Repeated Bending 104 E6 509